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tamu_062316_overtontx_02_lrTexas A&M AgriLife Overton Bedding Plant Trial (June 23, 2016) (This link connects you with a database of photographs for some of the plants in the Trial. When clicking on each photo, the plant name will appear in either the upper right  or lower left of the screen depending on your browser.)

Drs. James Robbins and Mengmeng Gu

would like to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of Dr. Brent Pemberton at Overton and his staff that oversee these exceptional research-based bedding plant trials.


VG          Angelonia SerenitaTM Pink F1 (PanAmerican Seed):

Begonia (full sun plots):

VG          Begonia Doublet Red (Dummen):

VG          Begonia Doublet Rose (Dummen):

Poor      Begonia semperflorens Sprint Plus Orange (Benary):

VG          Begonia x benariensis WhopperR Rose With Bronze Leaf (BallSeed):

Calibrachoa (in containers):

Poor      Calibrachoa Cabaret Pink Star (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Calibrachoa Cabaret Orange (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Calibrachoa MiniFamous Double Pink 17 (Selecta):

VG          Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo White+Yellow Eye (Selecta):

VG          Calibrachoa SuperbellsR Tropical Sunrise (Proven Winners):

Catharanthus (Vinca) (most rated Good to Very Good):

VG          Catharanthus 05_103 Pink (EuroAmerica):

Good     Catharanthus  roseus CoraR Cascade Cherry (Syngenta):

VG          Catharanthus Vitesse Apricot (Floranova):

VG          Catharanthus Vitesse Dark Red (Floranova):

VG          Catharanthus Vitesse Purple (Floranova):

VG          Catharanthus Cora Strawberry (Syngenta):


VG          Catharanthus Soiree KawaiiR Coral (EuroAmerican):


VG          Celosia plumose Fresh Look Gold (Benary):

Coleus (Solenostemon) (full sun plots):

Good     Coleus French Quarter (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Coleus Main Street ‘Dutch Mill Drive’ (Dummen):

VG          Coleus Main Street ‘Granville Street’ (Dummen):

VG          Coleus ‘Pandora Trailing’ (Dummen):

VG          Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train (Sakata):

Impatiens (most rated poorly in FULL SUN):

Poor      Impatiens SunPatiensR Compact Fire Red (Sakata):

Ipomoea (most rated very good) :

VG          Ipomoea Floramia Nero (Dummen):

Good     Ipomoea Floramia Rosso (Dummen):

VG          Ipomoea Floramia Verdino (Dummen):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched After MidnightTM (Proven Winners):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Caroline Bewitched Green with EnvyTM (Proven Winners):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Carolina Light Green (Proven Winners):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Carolina Raven (Proven Winners):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Carolina Jet BlackTM (Proven Winners):

VG          Ipomoea Sweet Carolina Sweetheart Lime (Proven Winners):

Lantana (most rated Good to Very Good):

VG          Lantana Evita Citrus (Dummen):

Good     Lantana Evita Compact Red (Dummen):

VG          Lantana Evita Pink (Dummen):

VG          Lantana Evita Red 2015 (Dummen):

VG          Lantana Evita Rose (Dummen):

VG          Lantana LusciousR Citrus BlendTM (Proven Winners):

VG          Lantana Little LuckyTM Red (BallFloraPlant):

Fair         Lantana montevidensis White Trailing (SW Perennials):

VG          Lantana New Gold (SW Perennials):

 Lobularia (most rated Good to Very Good):

Pelargonium (geranium) (full sun plots; most rated poor to good):

Poor      Pelargonium Brocade Cherry Night (Dummen):

Good     Pelargonium CalliopeR Burgundy (Syngenta):

Good     Pelargonium CalliopeR Crimson Flame (Syngenta):

Petunia (most rated Good to Very Good):

VG          Petunia ColorRush Blue (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Petunia ColorRush Pink (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Petunia ColorRush Pink Star (BallFloraPlant):

Poor      Petunia fortunia Early Cherry (Dummen):

Fair         Petunia fortunia Purple Gem (Dummen):

Poor      Petunia fortunia Rose Gem (Dummen):

Fair         Petunia SUCCESS! Pink Chiffon (Benary):

VG          Petunia SUCCESS!R Pink (Benary):

Good     Petunia SUCCESS!R Rose (Benary):

VG          Petunia  SupertuniaR Daybreak Charm (Proven Winners):

Good     Petunia  SupertuniaR Picasso in PurpleTM (Proven Winners):

VG          Petunia  SupertuniaR Vista BubblegumR (Proven Winners):

Good     Petunia  SupertuniaR Vista Fuchsia (Proven Winners):

VG          Petunia  SupertuniaR Vista Silverberry (Proven Winners):

Fair         Petunia PotuniaR Blueberry Muffin (labeled as Petunia Surprise Blueberry Muffin) (Dummen):

Good     Petunia Sweetunia Johnny Flame (Dummen):

Good     Petunia Sweetunia Suzie Storm (Dummen):

VG          Petunia Tidal WaveR Silver (PanAmerican Seed):



Portulaca (purslane) (these were evaluated in the mid-afternoon so evaluation considers most purslane had closed their flowers by this time; most of these were flowering mid-day):

Good     Portulaca Colorblast Watermelon Punch (Dummen):

Good (rated Very Good by Field Day visitors in the morning)       Portulaca Cupcake Cherry Baby (Dummen):

VG          Portulaca Sun DanceTM Lemon (Sakata):

VG          Portulaca Sun DanceTM Pink (Sakata):

VG          Portulaca SunDomeTM Rose (Sakata):

Salvia (most rated Good):

Good     Salvia coccinea Summer JewelTM  Red (American Takii):

Tagetes (marigold) (most rated Good to Very Good):

VG          Tagetes Cheerleader Gold (Floranova):

Verbena (most rated Good to Very Good):

VG          Verbena Bloomtastic ES Blue Sky 01 (Dummen):

VG          Verbena Bloomtastic ES Pink 01 (Dummen):

Good     Verbena Bloomtastic ES Violet 01 (Dummen):

Poor      Verbena Bloomtastic ES White 02 (Dummen):

VG          Verbena EnduraScapeTM Magenta (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Verbena EnduraScapeTM Pink Bicolor (BallFloraPlant):

VG          Verbena EnduraScapeTM  Purple Improved (BallFloraPlant):

Fair         Verbena SuperbenaR Royale Peachy Keen Imp (Proven Winners):

Poor      Verbena SuperbenaR Royale Whitecap (Proven Winners):

Verbena bonariensis FinesseR (Benary):

Zinnia (most Good to Very Good):

VG          Zinnia Solmar Scarlet (Floranova):

VG          Zinnia Zahara XL Fire Improved (PanAmerican Seed):

VG          Zinnia Zahara XL White  (PanAmerican Seed):

VG          Zinnia Zahara XL Yellow  (PanAmerican Seed):

Fair         Zinnia Zinnita Rose (Benary):

Results from the 2016 Trials will be available in late 2016 at:

Disclaimer:  the following are field observations on the afternoon of Thursday, June 23 at the Texas A&M Overton Center ‘East Texas Ornamental Plant Evaluations’ and results will vary depending on the evaluation date.

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