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Do Dying Trees Lead to More Human Deaths? The Debate Continues

17 Jun

From NPR.

See my post in January 2013“The Relationship between Trees and Human Health”


No preparation is over-preparing

20 Jun

Sitting at SFO airport waiting for my flight CA 986 to Beijing, I’m still thinking ‘I should’ve…I could’ve…’

Seven hours ago, I had an international flight to catch at IAH-Houston @9:04am.

4:00am, I got up and fixed myself a bowl of cereal;

4:30am, my four-year-old woke up and begged me not to leave saying ‘you shouldn’t leave now, since it’s so dark outside’. Lots of tears;

5:00am, the shuttle leaves from CLL to IAH; anxiously waiting for the driver to call me;

5:15am, got on the shuttle; 5 min later, realized that I put on the wrong shoes;

7:30am (I was hoping for 6:30′. What a surprise!), arrived at IAH UA domestic—-forgot to tell the driver that I’d fly international;

7:41am, at the end of long UA check-in line;

8:00am, panic—-just ~1hr before flight, still behind ~10 people;

8:01am, left my luggage, went straight to a guy in uniform at the check-in, ‘I have a 9 o’clock. Can you help?’ and got my boarding pass.

8:15am, passes through security.


Last night, just found that I forgot my charger for my camera.

Yesterday afternoon, went to AgriLife to get my official travel credit card (still amazed by Kim’s efficiency—-talked to her on Monday!); opened a Bank of America checking account because there’s no service fee when you draw cash at China Construction Bank ATM, which my husband told me to do months ago; got some cash; bought a GoPhone.


You got the point—- No preparation is over-preparing, and not just when you travel, international.

1st post—-why ‘greenviion’?

10 Jan

It’s very exciting at this new position and I’m starting this new blog. I wanted to call this ‘Green Vision’ since this is created to help (at least trying) the ‘green’ industry to be ‘greener’ (both environmentally and economically). Too bad—- It was taken already. I tried ‘Greenvi$ion’ but ‘$’ is not allowed. So I took  ‘s’ out of ‘green vision’ and we got ‘greenviion’. Now let’s start a journey searching for $ (s)!