All about crapemyrtle workshop

6 Sep

On Saturday August 20, 2016, we had a half day “All about crapemyrtle” workshop and several great presentations with updates with the latest research on crapemyrtle and crapemyrtle bark scale (CMBS). Here is a list of the presentations: 1. Introduction of the workshop and new crapemyrtle cultivars introduction-of-the-workshop-and-new-crapemyrtle-cultivars, 2 CMBS discovery and spread cmbs-discovery-and-spread, 3. CMBS population dynamics cmbs-population-dynamics, 4 Control strategies for CMBS and possible impacts on beneficial insects control-strategies-for-cmbs-and-possible-impacts-on-beneficial-insects, 5 Crapemyrtle pests, diseases and disorders crapemyrtle-pests-diseases-and-disorders, 6, Heat and cold tolerance of CMBS and alternative hosts, and 7 Understand the demand for CMBS control understand-the-demand-for-cmbs-control.


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