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Virtual Nursery Field Trip

21 Jul

FREE to public institutions with horticulture-related programs (just email—–Virtual nursery field trips to improve instruction in nursery production and other horticulture related topics.

Only qualified educational groups qualify and one free copy per institution. Funding was provided by a USDA Higher Education Challenge grant.

29+GB; 400+ video clips; 40+ nurseries; 20+ states; arranged by topics; available in a 32-GB USB…

Click on the “Topic Index” to check out what’s included!

Poster presented at 2013 NACTA


1st time—-I feel about the sequester cuts, at National Arboretum

8 Jul

Be aware, potential USNA visitors.

I contacted a colleague at US National Arboretum about a potential visit and was told that “we have changed our hours due to the sequester cuts from Congress.  The USNA is NOT OPEN Tuesday through Thursday.  We are open Friday to Monday only”.

Here’s the official statement.

Know your plants

8 Jul

Had I not known it as “Heliopsis Sunstruck“, I’d say ‘that’s so chlorotic. you may need some heavy feeding of N or Fe’.

Heliopsis Sunstruck: New for 2014, blooms earlier than other Heliopsis and variegated leaves add appeal.


From PCT and Oregon Restricts Use of Certain

6 Jul

From PCT and

Oregon Restricts Use of Certain Dinotefuran Pesticides

An estimated 25,000-50,000 bumblebees and other insects died recently in Oregon as a result of exposure to dinotefuran, a commonly used neonicotinoid. The pesticide was applied to 55 flowering linden trees by a property maintenance contractor in an effort to control aphids.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is restricting the use of 18 pesticide products containing the active ingredient dinotefuran while it continues the investigation of a large kill of bumblebees.


Seattle plans for a city park with edible plants – free for anyone and everyone

1 Jul

seattle park2

from zmescience

A seven-acre plot of land will be covered with hundreds of different kinds of edible plants: walnut and chestnut trees, blueberry and raspberry shrubs, apples, pears, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, herbs, and many, many more. I have just one question now… why hasn’t this been done before ?!