“There’s not ‘junk food. It’s either ‘junk’ or ‘food’”.

28 Jan

Waiting at IAH for my connection to College Station, after another great SSAWG (Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group) conference, at Little Rock. I gave a talk on high tunnel innovation. While there, I got to talk to a wonderful colleague of mine from Mississippi State, who commented that “there’s not ‘junk food. It’s either ‘junk’ or ‘food’”, after hearing my son’s story of refusing a cupcake (which was ‘junk food’ as he told me) offered by his teammate after his first basketball game.

I loved the comment so much that I immediately told the story on an interview, which may or may not appear on SSAWG website, posted it on my Facebook, and told it to Cathy Jones, a SSAWG board member from NC.

One time when my son was shopping at HEB, he pointed to the chocolate and other candies in the cart in front of him and said ‘Daddy, those are junk food’. Son, mind your own business. Fortunately he was speaking Chinese and unfortunately, the person in front of him was Asian-looking and more likely a Chinese! In spite of my husband feeling embarrassed by his outspoken son, a 4-year-old knows what’s junk (food and knows to avoid it, most of the time. How many adults know that and avoid it? Not enough, obviously.

Food and not ‘junk’, is the central theme at SSAWG conference. I’d like to invite anyone who eats food, is interested in food or even just curious about food to attend SSAWG conferences (Mobile, AL for 2014 & 2015). So many of our problems would be solved if we focus on food and not junk. If we focus on food, sustainability will tag along.

The best thing about SSAWG conference? Inspiration! When you are around 1,200 people with same passion about sustainable agriculture, you’re inspired and empowered.


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