You ready for the next President?

19 Oct

Expected Chinese President

The Oct. 22 issue of Time magazine had the picture of Xi Jinping, who is expected to be the next Chinese President at the Nov. 8 Party Congress, as the background of the cover, which says ‘The next leader of the unfree world’. The issue also featured an article titled ‘Why China’s Xi Jinping will be the new President who really matters’ by Hannah Beech, a very interesting topic especially during this tight presidential campaign in the US.

I don’t have subscription to Time magazine to read the whole story, but I could take an educated guess on what the article talked about, and how it’s relevant to the green industry.

Just like many other aspects of our lives, the green industry is no stranger to ‘made-in-China’. If Xi decides to manipulate the value of Yuan (Chinese dollar), that may affect your operation cost (price of machines, tools, fertilizers, etc. etc.) more than any action from Romney/Obama. With many production sites moved offshores, some may find that China, with its highly educated workforce, is a good candidate. With the affordable labor force, rich plant resources, and huge investment in agriculture, many other things could be done in China too, including breeding—–have you thought about that?

On the other hand, whatever actions Romney/Obama take may result from how much Xi wants to loan to the US or from other actions Xi may take. For example, anti-Japanese movements around China, which could be fueled or unfueled by Xi’s government, have caused significant decrease in sales for all three Japanese auto makers. Don’t you think that’ll affect the US auto industry and thus US economy? I’m sure you’ve heard ‘butterfly effect’ (a butterfly could have far-reach ripple effect on subsequent events; just google it).

So Green Industry, are you ready for the next President?


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