Work together to get the fair share for the green industry

9 Oct

USDA announced its 2012 Specialty Crop Research Initiative Grants not long ago and I was happy to see the following projects receiving funding:

Florida: $9M; eliminate citrus greening;

Delaware: $1.6M; control lima bean disease;

Indiana: $3M; develop pruning automation for grape and apple;

Iowa: $1.6M; develop cucurbit production;


From Drs. Marco Palma and Charlie Hall.

On the other hand, I’m sad and upset that no SCRI grant has funded work for the green industry in TX. A colleague of mine told me the value of citrus, not fruit, industry in FL was about $1,1B in production and 76,000 job creation. In comparison, the Texas Green Industry represents $16.9B value and 192,000 jobs. The green industry in many other states probably got similar statistics, compared to the other agriculture sectors.

The disproportional federal funding to the green industry (compared to its output and job creation) only indicates one thing: we’re not known that we’re BIG. We need to educate ourselves, and everyone around us, and we need to work together to get the fair share of federal funding for the green industry. Until then…


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