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“See-food” diet

23 Sep

 “The shiny blue berries of the tropical Pollia condensata plant rely on their looks, not nutritional content, to attract birds to spread their seeds. The scientists at Cambridge think its beautiful advertising(wink, wink) is what makes birds pick it up and use it to decorate their nests. ” (

I always thought birds were more intelligent than human being, who has a ‘see-food’ diet. Well, not only in food. We buy things we think are attractive, including plants.

Lantana lacebug damage.


Would you buy a plant that is not well structured, infested with scale mealy bugs or sooty mold (like so many plants this year in the landscapes) or chlorotic? You’d say no. Neither will your client.


Are you meeting your local needs?

23 Sep

While beach goers in the western world stripe down to (almost) nothing to get that tan, swimmers in China hit the beach as covered as possible, even their face with ‘Facekini’ —–a new line of products for the manufacturers.

From NBCNews.

Are you offering a ‘new line of products’? Ornamental grasses and perennials may be on the list of ‘hotties’ across the country, but I guarantee you that some of your local clienteles’ needs may not get registered on the list of ‘Top 10 Hottest Plants’. You have two options: ignore it or pay attention to it.