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Position yourself right

21 Aug

There will always be something that seemingly affects the green industry negatively—-drought, flood, 3-digit temperatures, sudden oak death, citrus greening, impatience powdery mildew—-the list could go on and on. I could see many of you thinking ‘oh, no’ in your mind.

However, if position yourself right, you could always find the ‘positive’ out of the seemingly negative situations. Don’t believe me? Watch this:‘Yes’ or ‘No’?

A related story: Two salesmen from a shoe company were sent to an island and they saw the people there did not wear shoes, and walked around bare-footed. One reported back to the company “they don’t wear shoes, and I don’t think we can sell any shoes there” while the other one reported “they don’t wear shoes, and I think we’ll sell LOTS of shoes there”.


Consumers could and will afford what they want

21 Aug

Story #1: A friend of mine is a vegetarian and an organic vegetarian. Although she doesn’t make much (not poor by any standards, but I won’t tell you the number), she has ‘donated’ a significant portion of her income to Whole Foods—–she could and will afford what she wants.

Story #2: I know iPhones got Siri to do some stuff for you, but hey, my htc Vivid got some Google stuff that’s pretty neat too. Apple products (iPads, iPhones, etc.) are generally 30% more expensive than similar products from the competitors. However, you probably know many people who don’t have a lot of money, but could and will afford an iPhone or an iPad.

Again, consumers could and will afford what they want.

How is this related to the green industry? Let me know ask you this first—–is your product or service what your clientele wants?

Yes? Then price it right.

No or not sure? Make or change to what they want, and then price it right.