“Mr. Yang Rose” in Kunming

24 Jul

Our first trip in Yunnan was a visit on 12th to Kunming Yang Chinese Rose Gardening Co., Ltd., a private (remember China is a ‘communist country’?) company owned by Mr. Yang Yuyong, who specialized in rose cut flowers and got himself a nick name ‘Yang (say it like ‘young’) Rose’. We saw many cool roses—500 introduced cultivars and 700 from his own breeding program.

‘Bing Qing”—-one of Mr. Yang Rose’s own cultivar

‘Friendship’—-nice color contrast of two sides of petals.

Due to more and more competition in cut rose production, he started a new adventure in 2009—production of cut flower and foliage of Proteaceae plants (protea, banksia, waxflower, leucospermum, etc.), which is about 3 hr from Kunming. He is probably the first person doing this in China, and you could tell that he’s very proud of it, and probably the profit coming with it.

1st proteaceae cut flower and foliage grower in China. His farm has great view of the mountains.

Although roses have LONG vase life, it won’t be as long as these guys, which last forever, almost. Mr. Yang Rose has many ways to add value to his new products, even for those he can’t sell fresh, which has not been a problem.

Mr. Yang told me a story about his ‘new’ plants. Somebody asked him whether he charged a lot for the foliage of Banksia speciosa because it surely cost a lot of man power to manually cut the foliage like that.

I’m 100% sure it’ll cost a lot of manual labor to ‘carve’ leaves like this. Fortunately, Mother Nature has done it for us.


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