1st Hort trip in 2012 ends today

1 Jul

I can’t believe that it’s been 10 days since my first post on June 20 about my hort trip in 2012. The first one, sponsored by USDA SCEP—P.R.China, will be officially over when my team mate flied back to US tomorrow morning. During this trip, we met officials and professors, among many others, from

China Ministry of Ag.,

China Academy of Agricultural Sciences,

China Agriculture University,

Shanghai and Zhejiang Department of Ag,

Shanghai and Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences,

Zhejiang University Experiment Station and Extension Service,

China Academy of Sciences Chenshang Botanical Garden (with the biggest greenhouse in Asia) in Shanghai,

Horticulture crops production enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai and Zhejiang.

We took LOTS of pictures—-plants and food, which I will share with y’all in the future.

What did we learn?

Huge development in China. Many places that we visited were newly-built with the newest being 1 month old.

Huge investment in agriculture. The government has many incentives to encourage agriculture. For instance, one of the local agriculture service center has ‘high tunnel’ cost share program (20% cost share for multi-bays), which is similar to the NRCS high tunnel cost share program. Another thing worth mentioning is that any farm-related income, retail or wholesale, on- or off-farm, is tax free.

Huge development in ag-tourism in major cities (like Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou), which is enjoyed by both city and country folks.

Huge improvement potential in ornamental production and landscape service, among many other things.


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