Protein dishes—-food in Hanzhou

29 Jun

We are spending more days in Hanzhou, Zhejiang Province than Beijing and Shanghai combined for this USDA FAS SCEP trip. Tomorrow we’ll visit West Lake—-strictly no sightseeing, but ‘investigation’ of aquatic plants there.

In case you feel ‘hungry’ from yesterday’s veggie dishes, I got some ‘protein dishes’ (aka, meat, fish, etc.) today. Enjoy!

Who said only the French devour goose liver? This delicacy was presented many times by local hosts. Today, a ‘vegetarian’ like me tripped over a dish with little diamond-shaped tofu like food. I thought it was stinky tofu, but turns out it was re-shaped goose liver. Well, I’m just ‘transitional’ vegetarian.

Since we’re not in Beijing, I hesitate to call this ‘Beijing roast duck’. Being vegetarian, I could only tell you that the white ‘green onion’ and the green cucumber tasted very good with the sauce.

I was not expecting flounder here in Hangzhou, but look at this piece o

After one of us (NOT me!) tasted the top of the dish, he said ‘this is corned beef’. I had corned beef in the US, so not having the taste as this beef here. The dried bamboo shoots were one of my favorites, crunchy and chewy.



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