No. 1 Horticulture in China—-food

28 Jun

We don’t even know how many food pictures we’ve taken since our first day here—-I always remind myself that this is a horticulture tour, so here’s the No. 1 Horticulture in China—–FOOD!

Although a chicken dish, the orchid and green on wasabe make it an art. Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

How to make a Chinese/Hangzhou version of a southern staple, okra? A quick ‘bath’ of okra in hot oil in wok, and some pepper sauce for decor.

Can you find three plant elements here? Lotus root stuffed with sticky rice in sweet olive flower flavored honey.

Four plant elements here: asparagus stir-dry with wild rice (Zizania latifolia) stem decorated with dianthus flower and the bamboo chopsticks are ready.

I’m full now. More will be served later.


4 Responses to “No. 1 Horticulture in China—-food”

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