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Plant and People II: Pregnancy

24 May

Caution: The post may be very politically incorrect, so don’t take it seriously.

Pregnancy comes after sex, if you’re not careful, or deliberately in plants’ case.



Ladies only! (Sorry, guys.)

What are the chances?

Normally 1/year

~12 times better odds

How do we know?

Something’s bigger& rounder

Amen! L

Hormonal change?


Oh, yes!


Wither, shrivel, drop

Too late

How long?

Weeks to ~6 months, generally

9 months

When is it over?

See the fruits? Picking fruits helps plants ‘deliver’ their babies.

Yes, baby!


Q: If a plant’s blooming or fruiting, is it a good time to transplant?

A: do you think it’s a good idea for a pregnant lady to travel a lot?


Q: how do I know whether the plant is ‘pregnant’?

A: See the full bloom? Knocked up already, more likely. See anything big& round? Probably close to ‘child birth’ (fruit ripening).



Plant and People I: Sex—the inaugural post

23 May

Plant and people are similar in many ways and I picked the most interesting topic, sex, for the inaugural post of the Plant and People series. BTW, the series will try hard to be politically incorrect, so don’t take it seriously.


Stress makes babies! Well, after sex, in both plants and people, just different consequences. Here’s how it works.

Plants People
Stress Drought, nutrient, etc. Stress from home, school, work among many
Action Flower Drinking (at least in movies)
Intentionally? Yes Yes
Consequence Become vulnerable—we know how delicate flowers are;

Ready for sexually activeness

Become vulnerable— they should know drinking impacts their ability to judge things;

Ready for sexually activeness

Next action Sex (helped by bees in this case of Texas mountain laurel) Sex (don’t think I need to be specific here)
Consequence Baby/Babies (seeds in fruits)! Baby 😦 (almost always in movies)
Intentionally? Yes NO~~~~~~
What next? Survive stress. Yes! 🙂 More stress 😦

So next time we have a drought, you may see a lot sex, on plants!