Earth day—-from distributing condoms to water conservation.

22 Apr

It caught my attention when the Google sign appeared to be PLANTS today—-it’s earth day! Hey, at least some genius associated the earth day with what the green industry is great at, plants, and flowering plants in the particular case.


Many people have different ways of celebrating their own version of earth day. According to MSNBC, the Center for Biological Diversity had volunteers hand out condoms, among many things, and my favorite is this picture—–a girl holding ‘conserve water’ sign, which I can’t agree more on the earth day and any other single day.


Water conservation is the #1 principal of Earth-Kind® landscaping. Find more about Earth-Kind® here

( and see what other things Aggie Horticulture has to offer. 



One Response to “Earth day—-from distributing condoms to water conservation.”

  1. Tyrone Altom November 27, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    Water conservation is always necessary because clean water is getting scarce these days. –

    <a href="Hottest brief article on our web portal

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